What You Need to Know About Whole Food Supplements


After receiving an overwhelming response by Verity Members following our complimentary seminar on: “Streamlining Supplements” we thought, we should highlight what the nutrition/fitness department is doing to ensure you have access to the highest quality wellness products on the market.

True nutrition is intelligently designed and available through whole foods.  Nature certainly knows best when it comes to providing the best source of sustenance, nutrients, antioxidant and free radical scavengers.  We’ve been using food since the dawn of woman. 

However, we can often find ourselves behind on healthy eating habits, as well as feeling overworked, or stressed.  When our lifestyle does not leave much room for healthy eating, or when we just know we could use a little more support, choosing a high-quality supplement is vital to balance & energy.

Our wellness department and dispensary is now stocked with INNATE Response vitamins and nutrients.   Truly farm to table, this line is one of the cleanest purest, and most bio available supplements on the market today. 

Easy to digest because its actual food!  Packed with food-based nutrients, herbs and gut supportive ingredient’s. 

It’s commonly understood that whole foods are better than refined foods — that whole grain is better than refined flour. INNATE Response asks: Why should your supplements be any different?

Whether you are looking for a multivitamin, iron support, adrenal formula, or a simple B12 you can rest assured your getting whole food, bio available nutrients at Verity.  These whole food formulas are bio available, easy to breakdown, ethically sourced, & as close to nature as possible. 

For more information, questions, or to book a 30 min consult with our in-house nutritionist/herbalist Tania Ibrahim, please email:  nutrition@verity.ca