Join a unique community designed for women to create the life they want.

Verity is where women come to work, to unwind, and to broaden their horizons.

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Welcome to Verity

Created by women, for women, we provide camaraderie, connections and business success

Located in downtown Toronto, Verity is a members-only women’s club. Our elegantly designed spaces, amenities, programs and events cater to a diverse community of female thought-leaders and influential decision-makers who matter. From seasoned executives to emerging entrepreneurs, Verity is that third place between the office and home, where women come to work, to unwind, and to broaden their horizons. Created by women, for women, we strongly believe that business and personal growth comes from creativity, the courage to hear others and establishing long-lasting relationships.  



As soon as Members walk through the doors, they feel their stress dissipate and a sense of possibility bloom. This is exactly the effect Mary Aitken had in mind when she created Verity in 2003.

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Located in the heart of Toronto our elegantly restored, historic chocolate factory has over 65,000 sq. ft. of spectacularly appointed meeting rooms, lounges, fitness facilities and more. See inside the Club.


our mission

At Verity, you can network, co-work, rework AND un-work

It is important for a city like Toronto to have this kind of venue. I can’t believe every businesswoman in the city isn’t standing in line to join! I have senior executives from the UK and from the US visiting often and this is where I bring them—for dinners and lunches, for large meetings—and they all rave about Verity.
— Hilary Read, Verity Member for 15 years



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Verity is not just a club I joined, but a life-changing community...
— Stephanie MacKendrick, Verity Member
I can clearly point to a number of intangible benefits that the relationships with Members have produced in my business. But also, a near six figure contract as a result of a member referral that I would never have met. If you’re on the fence about joining, don’t wait! One of the best investments you’ll ever make.
— Kelley Keehn, Verity Member


Verity Members sit down with Canadian journalist and fellow Member, Ann Medina, to talk career and family


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