Sweet Endings

S’mores and Fudgesicles – two summer classics that take us back to a simpler time when we indulged our sweet tooth with impunity. Well, here’s some good news: research shows that we can still indulge chocolate cravings without feeling guilty. According to health experts, a chunk of chocolate a day just might keep the doctor away.

We’re not necessarily suggesting you eat a hot fudge sundae on the regular, but there is plenty of research showing that a few squares of dark chocolate (with a cocoa percentage of 70 or more) comes with a range of health benefits. Here’s one of our favourite super simple summer dessert: Melt a few squares in the microwave and pour over a fruit sorbet, topped with fresh berries. 

Here’s how chocolate actually helps you.

Nutritional Boost Dark chocolate is loaded with good-for-you minerals including zinc, selenium and iron.

Disease Prevention Cocoa has actually been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, so a bit of dark chocolate in moderation may help to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and the flavanols chocolate contains might help to reduce memory loss as we age.

Feel-Good Benefits You know a nibble feels good. Here’s why: chocolate contains the “love” chemical phenylethylamine, plus it encourages the brain to release a cascade of feel-good endorphins.