Balancing acts

The struggle is real, my friends – achieving a work-life balance is a challenge we all deal with. But, good news: Summer offers great opportunities to free up playtime, given that deadlines are less pressing, co-workers are away and attitudes generally relax. Here are some easy ideas for getting more life out of your summer. READ MORE

1. Replace one out-of-town business trip with a conference call. Instead of booking a flight to meet a client or colleague, leverage conferencing tech like Skype or GoToMeeting to connect. Skipping the travel will save you both precious hours you could be spending dockside, poolside, or just about anywhere in between.

2. Take long weekends. Think about using some of your banked vacation days to create long weekends throughout the summer. Four-day work weeks let you create a great summer schedule of less work, more play. If you can’t swing booking off every Monday or Friday, at least take summer hours on Friday afternoons. A bit of extra time at the cottage, or on a patio, will do wonders.

3. Make your workspace work/ If you’re firing off emails from home, do it on the deck! So the outdoor sofa may not be ideal, ergonomically speaking, but add a lap desk and it will do for an hour or two. You’ll return to your actual desk, or step out to your next meeting, totally refreshed.