Working It!

You’ve landed your dream job. Congrats! Now what? In addition to learning your way around the shared drive, there are a host of things you should do to prepare for success – whether you’re the boss or the worker bee. READ MORE


The ability to earn the trust of your colleagues is not only a reflection of your character – it could be the cornerstone of your career. You can begin to build trust in a new work environment by giving colleagues praise (genuinely, when it’s warranted), avoiding office gossip and trusting your employees and bosses equally.


Set goals – big and small – for yourself and your business, and strategize an actual plan to achieve them. It’s wonderful to blue sky future achievements, but they rarely come to fruition if you don’t plan for success. 


You know what they say about first impressions – and they’re not wrong. In the early days and weeks it’s important to show your new team respect by being on time (or early) for every call and meeting. Introduce yourself to everyone on the team (don’t wait for them to come to you). And listen at least as much as you talk during those early interactions. That’s how you really get to know someone and ingratiate yourself to the existing network. It never hurts to invite someone out to lunch! (It could hurt to turn down someone else’s invite, though – always accept an offer to grab a coffee and chat outside of the office).