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THIS WEEK: Nutrition Newsflash

There is so much nutritional info out there, it can be hard to know what’s important to put on our plates. We asked Verity Dietitian & Herbalist, Tania Ibrahim, for her advice on buzzy foods that are worth loading up on, and which ones aren’t worth the hype. 

DO believe the buzz about bone broth. “Broths are warming on the body and the minerals are super nourishing,” she says. You can buy them pre-made, fresh or frozen at the health food store, or make your own. It’s as simple as cooking beef bones and mineral-rich veggies, like beet root tops and kale ends, for a few hours on a slow simmer. Once strained you’ve got a healthy snack that will fill you up while supporting the body’s cell turn-over and GI tract repair.

DO experiment with seaweed. “I don’t think we give it enough credit as a superfood,” says Ibrahim. “Seaweed has tremendous benefits, especially for women.” That’s because it contains a variety of nutrients, including tyrosine and iodine, which support the thyroid and endocrine systems. Sprinkle dried seaweed on salads or soups for a flavour and nutrient boost.

DON’T be fooled by the juicing trend. There are benefits to juicing because the nutrients you’re consuming bypass the digestive system and are absorbed right into your body, but – and this is a big but – juices have to blended properly. The danger is that many that come from juice bars or bottled at the health food store, are too high in sugar. “Whether you’re buying a juice or making it at home, you need a ratio of 80 percent greens to 20 percent fruit and other veg,” she says. And those just don’t taste as good. Talk to a dietitian before you embark on a juice cleanse, to make sure it’s right for you.