Are you ready for a career reboot?

It’s truly never too late to make a change, but before you write your resignation letter, take some time to reflect on what you’re really feeling —and why. Gain some clarity with these thought starters.

You’re envious of other people’s jobs

If listening to friends or family talk about their careers makes you jealous, it’s definitely time to pause. Are you coveting their flexible work hours? The seemingly interesting or exciting work they do? Or even the way they talk about their work (with a passion or joy you are unable to express)? You may need to make some changes to get to a place that feels good.

Your career doesn’t align with your priorities

Over the years your vision for your life—and belief system you carry with you—may have shifted; as may have those of your employer. Your career path should allow you to maximize your impact on the world and make you feel good about the work you’re doing. If your job isn’t reflecting well on you or with you, it might be time for a change.

You’re feeling restless

If you’ve been hitting the same daily grind for many years, you might be ready for something new. But, maybe a small change, like altering your specific duties or even moving to a different area of the company, is all that’s required. Coordinating a new and meaningful project at work is another way to add value to your current gig. Or, maybe you’re ready to explore starting your own business in the same field. At the end of the day, a “career change-up” might be what you really need.