Fall in love with fitness

Flirting with the idea of getting into shape? In the short-term, regular sweat sessions will boost your daytime energy and help you sleep better at night. In the long-term, a consistent gym routine reduces your risk of chronic diseases, gives your brain a boost and helps you feel happier. Plus, toned muscles are good for everything from nixing back pain to improving your balance. But, if it’s been, ahem, a while since you’ve dusted off your sneakers, it can be tough to know where to start. We say, go with—not against—your comfort zone.

If you’re an introvert… Does the thought of having to chit-chat during a treadmill sesh make you cringe? You’re not alone. Not everyone needs a #sweatsquad! Jogging and swimming are obvious choices for solitary workouts, but some group classes are also designed for solo sweating. Think spinning and Pilates, where you’re exercising next to others, but without pressure of working out together.

If you’re an extrovert… If you thrive on your people time, a CrossFit or Zumba class with friends will get you really pumped. For extroverts, classmates and teammates are key motivators. Been a while since you were on a sports team? Joining a rec league might be just what you need to get motivated to move!

TIP Listen up! Whatever your workout personality, make those minutes in the gym really count by doing a little work-related research, or personal interest learning, while you sweat. Just pair your cardio session with a podcast! Listening to some smart conversation will give you the motivation to walk, run or spin faster – and work harder to reach your goals outside of the gym.