I have spent 3/4 of my life happily partnered to the same man and half of my life being someone’s mother. The earlier quarter was being someone’s daughter and sister. Now I’m taking this next half to find out about myself. Verity offers that and so much more. I want to give back to the community and veritylink will provide that. I want to indulge in activities that I was always interested in and can now access under one roof: Wine Club, Travel Club, Movie Club. I have broadened my circle of strong, powerful women friends and that has only strengthened my belief in myself.
— Lisa Sabato

What better way to form genuine connections than through shared learning? Verity offers a wide range of clubs and programs designed to enrich your experience, while connecting with other like-minded members.  

Practice your French, swirl that wine, debate that latest best-seller or flick. Verity allows you to develop new skills and fulfill lifelong passions – go ahead, check off that item on your bucket list! 

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Joyful Noise Choir
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Last Friday of the Month Lunch Club

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Photography Club
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To meet the person who actually crafted the wines while we feast on Chef Lorenzo’s specially prepared menu is an one-of-a-kind evening. Of course, it is extra special when the winemaker is a woman!
— Susan Blanchard