Life’s epiphanies often happen spontaneously over a cup of coffee, not at a set time in a boardroom or formal meeting. Call it the water cooler effect!

I created Verity to expand the number and diversity of the water cooler participants and encourage those serendipitous moments that make change, growth and learning possible.
— Mary Aitken, Founder and Managing Director, Verity

As soon as Members walk through the doors at 111d Queen St. East, they feel their stress dissipate and a sense of possibility blossom. This is exactly the effect Mary had in mind when she created Verity back in 2003. While working in the financial sector, Mary noticed that many women existed in a work/home rut. Not through any fault of their own, but because there was no physical place where they could go. Verity is that third space - a place to put deals together, to unwind, to network with meaning, and to expand your horizons