Mastermind 2018 Session Registration

3. If you are self-employed, please answer the following questions:
4. If you work for an employer, please answer the following questions:
Please note that we will choose the meeting time according to the group’s availability, so please be specific.
7. I have read and understand the Privacy and Confidentiality agreement which is a necessary requirement of joining MasterMIND. *
8. I understand that by joining MasterMIND I will be required to attend 10 sessions and that my attendance is necessary for the success of the experience for both myself and the other group members. *
9. I understand that the purpose of MasterMIND is to further my business and goals. As a part of the program, I will be required to articulate a personal vision and translate my vision into goals and action plans with the support of my facilitator and peer members. *
10. I understand that the administration fee of $350 plus HST for joining MasterMIND is non-refundable and will be billed to my account upon registration. *

After submitting the form, if possible please email a current CV to (This will help with finding the right group for you.)