“I worried that I would not be able to fit Verity into my schedule but it has worked out so well. The club is open flexible hours and I exercise early in the morning and have all the benefits of starting my day feeling good.”   - Karrie Weinstock

"Life is full - work pressures, social obligations and family duties. But it’s about conscious choices.  Verity makes it easy for me to choose time for contemplation, fitness and friendship …I should have joined sooner."   - Dr. Catherine Zahn

"Verity is a place where the vision of a community of women helping one another has become a reality that we as Members embrace; nourishing the bodies and minds of all who join its community, while mentoring young women to pursue their dreams without the stigma of class bias or judgments of their circumstances."   - Sylvia S. Chrominska

"For many years I tried to find time to regularly work out and was never motivated enough to stick with it consistently. I discovered the Pilates classes at Verity where I not only enjoyed the camaraderie with Sagrario and other class participants, but I found my health and body improved much more quickly than with other fitness classes I had taken."   - Monique Rabideau

"I come early in the morning. I love the Locker Room and its camaraderie and I learn so much. I would be so lonely getting dressed in the morning without it — my husband is just not the same! I learn about new makeup and new shoes. It would drive me crazy not to be here!”   - Del Weale

"Verity is a very important part of my life. I constantly meet women at Verity that I would never run into in the normal course of my life. These women have helped me shape who I am, as a professional and as a woman. They have helped affirm my need to carve my own niche for myself. The women of Verity are all the same in their drive and capability but how they achieve their goals and create their lives is all uniquely different. Now I am one of those unique different and successful women too."   - Dionne England

"Verity is not a club I joined, but a life-changing community I belong to that is enabling me to integrate and improve my physical fitness, social network, personal growth, business contacts and access to a wealth of business advisory talent. It is simply the best thing I have done for myself in my adult life and the last thing I would ever give up.”   - Stephanie MacKendrick