Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated


You know it’s healthy to stay hydrated, but do you really need to worry so much about how much water you drink in a day? As it turns out, probably not.

The Dietitians of Canada recommend most women drink about 9 cups of fluids a day. We repeat: fluids – not just water. Juice, sparkling water, milk, soup and even coffee and tea count. Even a bowl of juicy fruit will contribute to your hydration bottom line.

You’ll want to make a conscious effort to keep your water bottle handy when you’re getting sweaty, though (at the gym, or on a hot day). But, otherwise, you should be consuming adequate fluids if you eat and drink at regular intervals throughout the day.

You can keep tabs on your hydration by watching for some of the signs of mild dehydration, which include dry lips and mouth, flushed skin, tiredness and urine that’s dark yellow or strong smelling.

If you feel well, visit the ladies’ room regularly and your urine is clear or light yellow you’re just fine. Listen to your body and drink as you need to – but go ahead and loosen that grip on your stainless steel water bottle.