Investment opportunities financial planners look for

Looking to step up your financial growth? We checked in with Verity Member, Kathryn Finn, associate portfolio manager for RBC Wealth Management for the inside scoop. Here are her top two DO’s for evaluating investment opportunities, and the one thing she never does.

· DO LOOK FOR CONSISTENCY. Focus on dividend-paying companies that have sustainable profits and exhibit strong, consistent earnings and cash flow growth in order to offer you a steady income.

· DO DIVERSIFY. Invest in a mix of stocks or equities, fixed income or bonds, money market or cash equivalents, and real estate or other tangible assets to help manage risk in case of fluctuations in the market.

· DON’T CHASE THE TRENDS.  Forget about the latest and greatest idea; whatever you invest in has to be suitable to you. That means you need to put your money into something you understand, and you need to ensure that the timeframe for getting a return on your investment aligns with your goals.


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