You belong here.

There isn’t a Member who doesn’t wish she had joined sooner. 
Why wait for a future moment when you can start benefiting from all that Verity has to offer today?

You can be a Member today because Verity has created a new affordable plan.
But you have to act now because this is a special limited-time offer.

If you’ve already visited, you know that it is different in here.
Designed by women for women’s lives today, Verity is whatever you need it to be.
A place to… Reconnect. Retreat. Refresh. Reboot. Recharge. Revitalize.

Land Here means enjoying the benefits now

The advantages of Verity are priceless so Verity has structured a payment plan that spreads the cost of the initiation over time. You can start to enjoy the club today, investing in yourself and wellbeing for an affordable monthly fee ranging from $108 - $283.

Verity will become your much loved third space.
Your investment gives you access to:

  • A physical place where you will be energized by like-minded women.
  • A community to connect and grow your personal and professional network.
  • A haven with a gym, pool, and spa designed for women and wellness.
  • A solution to make busy days more efficient and enjoyable.

Why waste another day? Call our Membership Coordinator, Denise at 416-368-6006 x228 or email